Although most of the recent output is in the form of blogging, we still produce good old-fashioned whitepapers from time to time. Take a look and if you have any comments or if you learn anything useful, we'd love to hear from you!
  • Sane SAN 2010

    Sane SAN 2010

    A decade after his original Sane SAN paper, James Morle looks at the current storage technologies and upates the advice given in the original paper. Many things have changed, and yet many have stayed the same...
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  • RAC Connection Management

    RAC Connection Management

    Effective management of TNS connections in an Oracle RAC environment is a complex and frequently neglected part of the typical RAC configuration. This whitepaper takes the concepts of Load Balancing and Connection Failover, and tests the various options available to the DBA for managing the user connections.
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  • The New Rules of Deployment

    The New Rules of Deployment

    Originally written in 2005 before the NAND flash explosion, this paper concentrates on the deployment possibilities with DRAM-based SSD devices in Oracle. Note: The conclusions that apply to DRAM do not necessarily apply to flash memory devices.
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  • Sane SAN 2000

    Sane SAN 2000

    Written in a beach house in Denmark in 2000, this original Sane SAN white paper has stood the test of time pretty well. Don't forget to read the new version (Sane SAN 2010), also available for download here!
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