Leading International Telco

Our client is a leading provider of data,voice and managed services to business and government customers in Europe. They focus only on the needs of business customers - midsize, major and wholesale businesses - who demand higher performance from their communications and IT systems. Their secure and reliable network provides unrivalled reach across 13 countries, with last-mile fibre to over 10,000 buildings in Europe.

Ambitious development plan poses Oracle clustering challenge

Our client had an ambitious development plan to roll out a customer services management portal in order to provide their customers with a facility to manage their own accounts. The customer management portal would allow customers more efficient access to manage their services and would allow the client to conserve resources by reducing the load on its customer handling operatives. However the client is an international business and round the clock availability of the customer portal would be key to the application's success. The customer portal was hosted using BEA's Weblogic Server Portal product and this was clustered between the client's two London datacentres, providing a highly available middle tier. However all of the persistent data for the application was stored in an Oracle database and it was unknown as to whether this database could be clustered between the two remote data-centres, to ensure that the portal would remain available, even in the event of a data-centre failure.

Specialist RAC stretched clustered database withstands predicted transaction rate

Utilising many years of experience with Oracle's clustered database technology, Scale Abilities consultants configured an extended Oracle RAC database cluster between the client's two data-centres using commodity (x86_64) servers running Red Hat Linux. Extensive testing was performed to verify that the database cluster could handle the expected transaction rate and that the database cluster could withstand the loss of a data-centre.

Delivered and tested ahead of schedule, ‘works first time’ and best of all, a 45% saving

The client has implemented a truly high available customer management portal application with every tier, and hence the entire application, able to survive a failure of one of their data-centres. The client's Customer Portal, Project Manager commented that (Scale Abilities) had been able to deliver the clustered database tier, fully tested and within the project's timescales. He observed that it was one of the few  components that worked first time and that implementing the database tier on commodity hardware resulted in a 45% cost saving when compared with an implementation on proprietary HP hardware.

Scale Abilities’ experience de-risks a high stake, timebound Customer Portal project

By capitalising on Scale Abilities' industry leading experience in implementing Oracle clustered database solutions, the client was able to build an extended RAC stretched clustered database, delivering verified high availability in the data tier, and meet their project tight deadlines. Scale Abilities delivered the clustered database configuration, fully tested and integrated with the application servers, removing a great area of risk from the implementation of the Customer Portal project.