Close Premium Finance

Close Premium Finance (CPF) leads the UK premium finance industry in product innovation and service and has been voted ‘Best Premium Finance Provider’ by brokers eight times in the past eleven years. The company belongs to the Close Brothers Group, which is one of the UK’s 200 largest companies by capitalisation, with assets totalling more than £2.7 billion. The company offers a full range of products for both personal and commercial premium finance, helping a large range of clients including some in the FTSE 100.

Flexible, cost effective infrastructure built to withstand imminent growth

With double digit growth predicted for the next few years, CPF needed to upgrade its infrastructure to the most robust, secure and stable platform available. They needed to decrease the reliance on proprietary vendor technologies, lower the total cost of ownership of their environment as well as increase the reliability and availability of critical business systems. CPF also recognised that they needed a partner who would design a flexible and resilient architecture for them to enable them to meet their availability and business growth goals.

More uptime, less reliance on vendors… in just 10 minutes

Scale Abilities provided key architectural and implementation skills, as well as some novel engineering concepts to ensure the project’s success – a successfully implemented true data-centre grade reliability and availability at Close Premium Finance. Scale Abilities designed a hardware and software architecture that disconnects much of the reliance on the hardware vendor, and maximises uptime.  The ‘Disposable Computing Architecture’ provided by Scale Abilities, bridged the gap between proprietary servers and the trend towards commodity solution. The Disposable Computing Architecture is essentially a term to describe a rapid deployment methodology pioneered at Scale Abilities. We can deploy industry-standard servers from cardboard to cluster in just 10 minutes.  This alleviated the need for expensive integration engagements and long repair turn-around times, putting the customer back in control.

Problem Triage Service provided cradle to grave ownership

CPF benefited from having a uniquely skilled partner who were extremely efficient at delivering a flexible and reliable business platform. Furthermore the problem of heterogeneous support agreements was greatly mitigated at Close by the Problem Triage Service support agreement offered by Scale Abilities. Scale Abilities essentially provides cradle to grave problem ownership, problem triage removes the burden of finding fixes from the customer. Scale Abilities' on-site consultants work closely with CPF's support resources to ensure that the companies' B2B sales portal is always available.

CPF’s verdict: unparalleled problem solving from Scale Abilities, plus knowledge transfer for the future
Scale Abilities were critical to the success of our implementation.” said Jonathan Cattle, Director of Technology and Planning at Close Premium Finance. “Their experience in the enterprise computing market and unparalleled problem-solving skills carried the project through with incredible efficiency. Their architecture design has provided us with a flexible and reliable platform, and their mentoring and training has left us well equipped for the future.”


Scale Abilities provided CPF with a team of highly experienced consultants and project manager. Scale Abilities unique experience, methodologies and  problem solving skills provided CPF with a robust, secure, scalable platform with a lower total cost of ownership and removed reliance on proprietary servers. A project delivered with incredible efficiency without the need for expensive integration or long repair turn-around times.
As a direct result of this highly successful project Scale Abilities are now contracted to provide on-going support and consultancy for CPF for the next 3 years.