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Read the complete, expert guide to building enterprise-class UNIX-based Oracle OLTP systems that deliver maximum performance and scalability.

In Scaling Oracle 8i, Scale Abilities’ James Morle (one of the world's leading Oracle consultants) introduces today's best methods and technologies for building industrial-strength Oracle database systems on UNIX platforms.

Understand exactly what scalability means in the enterprise; then discover how to deliver it, step-by-step, from the ground up, through design, testing, construction, maintenance, benchmarking, and ongoing management.

Morle covers every component that impacts performance, including hashing, caching, hardware architecture and I/O subsystems, Oracle database objects, data storage, memory structures, and a detailed review of the Oracle Parallel Server. Readers will find comprehensive coverage of tuning the underlying UNIX platform to improve OLTP response times; including co-engineering the kernel; working with virtual memory, I/O, interprocess communication; and more. Scaling Oracle 8i contains a full chapter on the special issues associated with e-commerce, as well as a detailed case study drawn from one of the world's largest car rental reservations systems. For all enterprise system architects, database engineers, and application developers working with Oracle.

The book is licensed under Creative Commons No Derivative license.

Scaling Oracle8i
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