Application PAT Testing

In the UK we have a legal duty to ensure that electrical appliances are safe for people to use. The usual way of doing this is through a regime of PAT Testing each device to ensure that it is fit for use. PAT is an acronym for Portable Appliance Testing. At Scale Abilities we have a different definition of the term:
  • Performance
  • Availability
  • Throughput


Our PAT Testing service is a quarterly or half-yearly service that tests the operation of your application against our own barometer of acceptable standards. We visit a lot of different customers, measure a lot of different systems, and really understand what should be deemed acceptable and what should actually be addressed as a system defect. It is common for the on-site administrators of the database, systems and storage to not have such benchmark numbers and as a result cannot vouch for the quality of the system.
By regularly testing the magic three aspects of performance, availability and throughput, you can be sure that you remain pro-actively managing change in your organisation and stay on top of system degradation before it becomes an expensive problem to solve.


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