Oracle Storage Performance

You know the scenario: The application is ‘going slow’. There’s a knock on effect on the business. The database people say the storage is going slow. The storage people say the storage is fine and the database is the problem. The bottom line is zero resolution.

A classic problem – but one that’s uncommonly difficult to get to the bottom of as it requires a full stack boundary approach.

What’s more, storage is changing forever – and the future is infinitely more complex than supplementing existing architecture with SSD technology.  Knowing how and when to deploy SSD to maximise ROI and minimise risk will be crucial.

Scale Abilities is at the heart of solving storage problems, both current performance pain and future proofing. A holistic analysis of the database, storage and servers, together with our deep expertise enables us to pinpoint the root cause and determine the most appropriate way to fix the problem. Properly.

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